In Loving Memory

January 6th 2022 10:16am MT

My cousin’s son passed away soon after Christmas. He went hiking and did not return. It’s tragic to lose a loved one. He was the age of 18.

They found him, but he was barely alive. He died as he was driven to the hospital. According to his grandma, (my aunt),

[He] was alive when the EMTs found him. But in order to keep [his dad]..[my] cousin calm they lied to him till they had him up on top. He had a crushed head broken leg and arm. He never made it to the hospital before he died his heart stopped. Please pray for [them].

My mom wanted to send flowers, but my aunt refused. My mom desperately wanted to give my aunt something during this difficult time, so my aunt suggested virtual flowers. My mom and I organized this sideshow for their family. If you have a loved one who has passed on recently, pray to know the truth of their life and whether you will see them again. I believe it is true, that we will see our loved ones again.

Here is our slideshow for remembering our loved one who has passed.

My husband shared that Jon Schmidt, one of the Piano Guys, experienced a similar tragedy with his daughter. Schmidt wrote this song for her.

God be with all who are suffering a loss during this time.


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